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The Glass Art of Terry Standefer

Terry Standefer, Self Portrait

Terry Standefer, Self Portrait


The hands of the artist are special, indeed, for it is with their hands that artists render into existence those things that only exist in their mind’s eye.

Glass is a very special material for the artist.  It has a remarkable property that goes from hard as stone to dripping like honey over a 1000 degree temperature range. This allows the artist to cold work solid material, too sculpting glass like clay, too allowing gravity to manipulate the glass.

Rendering  ideas (and ideals) into glass has a long and honorable history, stretching back some five thousand years, to when the people of Mesopotamia and Egypt.  Even early man noticed a green translucent material in places that meteors hit the earth and created moldavite.

Glasswork spread throughout the Roman Empire created by the most rudimentary tools, yet is was commissioned and owned by the most wealthy and has the durability to survive the eons of time.

In the cathedrals of the High Middle Ages stained glass was used to magnify the loving presence of the Lord,  just as today, glass has been used to magnify the wonders of creation both large and small.

Using the glass medium, it is our intent to render into view those objects of wonder, beauty, and delight that will enable you to see the creative spirit placed in us by our creator.  It is a beautiful result of emotions mixed with experiencing the creation around us.

– Terry Standefer, Austin, Texas


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